We accept online orders at our website, or you may place an order by phone, fax or USPS mail. Payment is best made using a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express).  Checks are also accepted, though orders will not actually be entered into the system until after the check has arrived at our office and cleared. Purchase orders from companies, schools and government entities may be accepted after receipt and approval of credit references provided to us. For additional information, please our Company Policies, above.

This varies by the ship to address as well as particular product. We process orders throughout the day for both standard and custom products.  The standard lead time (time from order receipt through time of shipment) for most of our products is usually two to three working days and to that must be factored the chosen carrier transit time.

Shipper tracking information is never available until after the item ships. If you want to receive the tracking number, please contact us after the item's noted lead time (most pages note the usual lead time for products). If an item is noted as "2-3 working days", contact us three days after your order placement and we will provide you the shipping information. If the item was more custom and your quote was "4 to 6 weeks", tracking information won't be available until after that time period.

 No, all products are available through the internet. Print catalogs simply cannot keep up with the continual updating of new products and editing of items discontinued by our manufacturers. If you are looking for a product and can't locate it on our site, please call us at 1-866-755-5141. If it's a product on our site, we'll help you locate it. If it is not on our site yet, but it is a product that we have access to, we'll arrange to place an order for you.


Our internet pricing is frequently the same or lower priced than found on a GSA schedule. We do not yet offer a GSA price schedule.


We do not have special dealer pricing schedules. If you have a large quantity order, however, just call us and we will quote you a quantity discount.


No, we do not sell computers, monitors or other system components. Our product line includes the furniture and accessory items designed to help improve your working ergonomics and presentation ease.


The initials stand for Video Electronics Standard Association, and it is this organization that sets the mounting industry standards for items including LCD monitor mounts and plasma TV mounts. Regarding monitors/screens, VESA enables uniform mounting hole placement dependent on uniform size and weight of various monitors. While most manufacturer's of flat panel computer and  TVs and mounts conform to the VESA standard, there are still some models and/or manufacturers who do not design VESA mounting patterns. For example, If a unit does not have any mounting hole pattern, it is not VESA compatible and while it can sit on a desk using the desk stand it came with, it can not be mounted on a VESA designed, elevated or articulating LCD or plasma arm. In the instance of non-VESA compatible monitors